Who we are

Rocket game studio – the leading game company in Southeast Asia.
Rocket studio was founded in 2015. After 8 years of development, Rocket studio has more than 150 members and has achieved many proud milestones.

150+ Members
6 Studios

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Our Vision

With constant effort and creativity, Rocket aspires to become the leading game studio in every category that participates in, create quality global products with hundreds of millions of downloads, bring the best experience to players and contribute to enhance the position of Vietnamese games on the world game map. Hence, bringing success to the company, members and partners. Our business philosophy is “Success will come to us naturally if we help others succeed”.

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Our Games


Space Shooter

Stick Hero: Hero Tower Defense

Jackal Squad

Alphabet Shooter: Survival FPS

FNF Music Battle Beat Shooter

Hide and Go Seek: Monster Hunt

Strategic Products

IAP Games

IAP là mảng game truyền thống của Rocket với sản phẩm chủ lực Space shooter .

Hyper-casual Game

Mảng hyper casual cho phép công ty mở rộng quy mô 1 cách nhanh chóng

Data Analytics

“Quyết định thông qua số liệu” đây là kim chỉ nam để đưa ra các quyết định của công ty.


Với thế mạnh về quy mô, kinh nghiệm chạy UA, kinh nghiệm tối ưu game Rocket mong muốn hợp tác để publish game của các studio khác ra thị trường toàn cầu

Work With Us

We are constantly looking for Senior/ Intern level of the following positions:

Publish With Us

We believe that all good games deserve a chance to shine. If you are a game developer, don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us about your products. We are eager to make it huge!

  • Professional publishing process
  • Limitless UA marketing capacity
  • Data-driven approach & Transparency
  • Support to improve product from experts
  • Favorable profit share

Our Strategic Partners